Fact makes the news, joins 20’s Plenty for Us and confirms Town Council support.

May and June have been busy months for FACT, so here’s all the latest…

May 28th saw FACT in the news following two traffic accidents involving pedestrians in a single week, both requiring an air ambulance response. I won’t reiterate the events or the article, which you can read in full here. What I will say is that it’s really horrible to hear news of traffic accidents and then be asked to comment. I know it’s a necessary and inevitable part of running this campaign, press attention leads to more exposure and (hopefully) support but first and foremost it is very upsetting. Faversham is a small and close-knit town and the consequences of these accidents reverberate all the more because of that. It also leaves me in no doubt that more needs to be done and soon.

In June I agreed to be the official contact for Faversham’s very own branch of 20’s Plenty. This is the national campaign to make 20mph the default speed limit where people live. The wide-ranging benefits of this scheme are already a reality for many towns up and down the country and you can watch a short video featuring the campaign’s founder Rod King MBE here. Being part of the national campaign means we will benefit from all their research, campaigning experience and resources. It also means we’ll be working alongside other 20’s Plenty groups across Kent to achieve the same goal. I was sent a starter pack with lots of useful things in it, my favourite being this “20’s Plenty Where People Live” wheelie bin sticker, which is such a clever idea.wheelie bin imageHow amazing would it be to have these stickers on as many wheelie bins as possible? I’m convinced it would make motorists think – if only for a moment – and reduce their speed through town. I’ll be launching our 20’s Plenty for Faversham website and petition in the next few weeks.

You can buy your own sticker here and I’m currently trying to raise money to purchase a larger number to sell and give away at events, so if you are a local business and would like to support the campaign in this way, please do get in touch.

On June 29th, I attended the town council meeting with two other FACT members, Tim Stonor and Tina Hagger (Swale Green Party). Our aim was to confirm the town council’s support and find out what happens next. Cllrs Cosgrove and Kay had already expressed their support at March’s Local Engagement Forum (you can read my previous post about that here) and had pledged to make Faversham 20mph in their election literature (see below) but I hadn’t heard anything more since the election and didn’t know if this view was shared by the entire town council.

Cosgrove Kay Pledges 002
Cosgrove Kay Pledges 001

Your Borough Council Candidates leaflet, Election 2015.

To my relief, the town council responded with a unanimous YES, which is excellent news. As for a more detailed discussion, this would have to wait for another day and another meeting; that of the Public Realm Group, which takes place on Thursday the 23rd July, 9:30am (should any of you wish to attend.) Not the best time for a working parent or a working anybody in fact, but needs must.

One last piece of news is that Helen Whately MP has apparently expressed her support for FACT and 20s Plenty for Faversham. I haven’t managed to track her down in person yet but I’m hoping to meet with her in the coming month.

Thanks for reading and supporting,


Published by

Amanda Russell

Campaigner for 20's Plenty for Faversham. Resident, parent and freelance creative. Campaigning for a town-wide speed limit of 20mph for equitable streets that promote safe and active travel.

5 thoughts on “Fact makes the news, joins 20’s Plenty for Us and confirms Town Council support.”

  1. Fantastic work, Amanda. I’m getting a wheelie bin sticker and will chat to the other Brownie leaders – maybe we can get the girls involved?


    1. Sarah, I am liaising with Amanda on the two topics:
      20’sPlenty in Faversham

      and building up a local ContactsList for Faversham Area;

      and an eforum encompassing Chestfield, Blean, Nackington, Hollingbourne, Collier Street, Upchurch Catchment Area contacts.

      It would be useful to include Brownies, Scout and Youth Club Contacts, if you would like to email me back.

      I am also co-opted onto the Faversham Town Council’s Public Realm Group and keeping these topics live.

      Chris Oswald-Jones
      8 Fielding Street
      ME13 7JZ



  2. Dear Amanda, I support you in this endeavour and am convinced that if people and traffic weren’t segregated, drivers would automatically slow down. Take for example a car park; everybody is careful because there are people and children walking about. This is a topic on which Tim Stonor is expert. I like also for example Exhibition Road in South Kensington where I lived long ago – it was a very fast traffic road and is now a place where people and cars move together safely. Tim was heavily involved I believe. Kind regards G

    Gulliver Immink Sent from my iPhone


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Gulliver and yes, judging from the success of the 20s Plenty campaign across the UK and in many London boroughs, a 20mph default speed limit without physical traffic calming, is reducing road accident casualties and providing a greater quality of life for everyone.

      Tim Stonor is an official member of the FACT committee and we are very fortunate to have his expertise.


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