Yesterday evening the 20’s Plenty for Faversham working group gained the full support of Swale’s Joint Transportation Board in moving Faversham towards a 20mph limit.

The board congratulated us on the quality of our report and voted to unanimously accept our 6 key recommendations.

Notes from the meeting:

To accept the following recommendations of the Working Group’s report:

1. A 20mph limit across the whole of Faversham to include required signage, social engagement and self-enforcing traffic calming.

2. Fund-raising to meet the expected cost of 60K

3. A town-wide consultation.

4. Ongoing monitoring to identify where compliance is achieved and where further work may be required.

5. The working group’s ongoing involvement in the implementation process.

6. Support of an independent consultant with experience of devising 20mph schemes that deliver.

See the full report on pp69-85 of the Joint Transportation Board papers here.

Congratulated the group on the thorough report. Said it was the first such working party.

Fully supports the broad scope of all the recommendations, particularly the ongoing involvement of the group.

Will refer to officers to consider further.

Would like to see this come back to the JTB as quickly as possible.

A very good job, very well done.

Drew attention to Helen Whately MP’s letter of support.

Member of working party.

Congratulated Amanda Russell on her thorough presentation.

Shows how passionately people in Faversham feel about this.

Said that the working group wanted the report to come sooner to the JTB but also wanted to carry out a thorough job.

Encouraged the JTB to be brave.

He understands it’s controversial, especially the inclusion of the A2 but emphasised the importance of its inclusion in the light of future development which will change its status from a bypass to an internal road.

Something needs to be done and now is the time to progress this.

Air quality – lots of evidence that slowing vehicles to 20mph leads to less braking and accelerating, less pollution, improves air quality.

In summary, there are implications for budgets but asked the JTB to be brave and give this its full backing.

Also a member of the working group.

Has learned a lot through the process. As you learn more, you learn how important it is. Believes it has clarified into something that will improve Faversham for all its residents.

Also emphasised the importance of including the A2. It will no longer be a peripheral road, will be an internal residential road.

Abbey School bridge – an alarming number of people are not using the bridge.

Not a simple safety issue, safety is important, but its also about pollution.

It’s also about walking. 20mph for cars helps people make a 20 minute walk across Faversham.

Will also improve the potential for cycling.

Just back from Bristol – a 20mph town and much safer to walk and cycle.

There is more than one stage in the process but creating a default 20mph limit is the first step. Identifying other areas is the next step.

Hopes the committee will give it its full support and urged KCC to give it support and funding.

Fully supportive but wanted to know how we can implement it across the borough of Swale. “Adopt, support and widen”.

It’s taken one year for Faversham so it will take many years for Sheppey and elsewhere, so there is a need to start looking at the process for implementing this across the entire borough.

Chances of getting KCC to fund this are virtually nil. Mentioned community grant funding.

This council should make a decision to fund borough-wide.

£150-180k borough wide is worth serious consideration.

Proposed an amendment to make it borough-wide.

Accepted the amendment.

Also supports this.

Catching up with the USA – who have such speed restrictions in their towns.

Cost – doesn’t want to hear from KCC that they haven’t got the money. £35-60k is a good investment. This could be attained from the enhanced value of land in light of new development.

Also wants to address the issue of implementing it across the borough.

Well done to Faversham.

I fully agree with everything that’s been said. It’s now down to the JTB to grasp it and make it happen.

His only concern is enforcement. Feels it won’t stop persistent speeders. Need to put pressure on enforcement authorities to make sure there’s proper enforcement.

Mentioned the AQMA at Ospringe (Air Quality Management Area)

What is SBC doing about it? Should not just be monitoring it.

2. Enforcement – shouldn’t stop us pursuing things. Once it’s down to a few offenders, police may let us have stingers.

The red dots on the map worry me. He is referring to this map – At the Faversham Transport Weekend in May 2016, we surveyed town residents to find out where they felt unsafe walking, crossing and cycling and where they felt speed of traffic was an issue.

Says there are four hot spots, the clusters are at pedestrian crossings. We need pelicanised crossings as a quick fix. Forbes Road is dangerous if a bus is turning. All can be fixed with pelicanised crossings.

Other hotspot is St Mary’s Road.

But supports the scheme and would like the quick fix if we can get it.

Congratulated the working group.

Iwade looked at 20mph. Has money for signs. But Parish Council voted against as speeds were 26mph. Needs more funding to implement physical calming measures.

Congratulated the group’s report – v professional.

Said it was a pity he wasn’t able to do it around schools in Sheppey but KCC told him there aren’t enough accidents.

There is a groundswell around UK.

Mentioned the issues surrounding enforcement but said that Speedwatch is a community based initiative that works very well in achieving compliance and has already been very effective in Minster. It works.

Said the Transportation team would be more than willing to look into this and take it on, said it was very good work.

In response to Cllr Mulherne’s comments about Pelicans being safer than Zebras, he said that crash statistics show there is not much difference in accident rates between Pelicans and zebras. The decision to install one or the other is more to do with management of traffic flow.

Thinks we need further discussion about the inclusion of the A2. Not saying it’s impossible but needs further work.

If approved, technically goes to KCC cabinet but should also go to Swale cabinet.

Thinks we need a technical report.

Said the unanimous support of people in the room is testament to the quality of the report.

Said that the issues around enforcement shouldn’t be a barrier to implementation.

To accept the recommendations of the Working Group’s report with an amendment to pursue a 20mph limit on residential streets across the entire borough of Swale.

Agreed unanimously.


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