Faversham’s 20mph town-wide trial goes live!

Thank you to Alison Fuller for our delicious cake.

It’s taken five years of campaigning, researching, speech writing, leafleting, petitioning, emailing, meeting, networking, relationship building, persuading, promoting, debating, discussing and presenting to get this scheme to a trial stage. So today at 20’s Plenty HQ, we are having a mini-celebration.

Campaigning is not easy and you have to be in it for the long game and keep at it, no matter what setbacks come your way. And while we know there’s always more that can be done, we also know that 20mph limits are foundational in creating streets that work as well for pedestrians and cyclists as they do for motorised vehicles and this scheme will make a difference.

Faversham is the location for the first 20mph town-wide limit in the country. This is significant because evidence shows that wide-area limits are more effective in enacting long term behaviour change, easier to promote and understand and therefore more likely to be complied with, more affordable and therefore achievable and tend to be better for air quality. This is why the campaign to make 20mph the default urban speed limit across the country is ongoing.

Please help to make the Faversham scheme permanent by registering your official support on the KCC Consultation page here.

And please sign up to the Commonplace community hub and say where you think more needs to be done.

Thank you.

And we’ll leave you with “10 Top Tips for Community Campaigning” by Tim Stonor:

1) expect it to be a long run

2) celebrate small victories

3) gather the opinions of local people (local people are local experts)

4) gather the opinions of non-local experts

5) don’t accept “no” as an answer (“no” is an excuse, not an answer)

6) keep a record of everything (because people will come and go and they won’t otherwise know what has gone before)

7) expect setbacks (because nothing is linear and you’ll go in circles from time to time),

8) be patient with the naysayers since they can sometimes become your firmest advocates

9) be active online to promote and rebut

10) hang on to the fact that, unlikely as it may sometimes seem, common sense will prevail!

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Some of the community campaigners, with scheme designer Phil Jones.

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Amanda Russell

Campaigner for 20's Plenty for Faversham. Resident, parent and freelance creative. Campaigning for a town-wide speed limit of 20mph for equitable streets that promote safe and active travel.

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